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Graphic Design, Photography
Berlin & Dublin, July 2018 to 2019

Design & Art Work by Fault & Fold, Photographs by E.Kelly. March 2019 Art for Blind Records

Oranges are G.Duffy, M.Durnin, E.Kelly. Hey Zeus was recorded in 6 hours at North Frederick Lane, Dublin City in 2018 by Stephen Quinn.

‘Loaded with spring reverb, spoken word refrains, thrift-store instrumentation and staccato rapidfire percussion, its literal and metaphorical placement in the heart of the most bastardised part of Dublin’s identity crisis is a wonderfully appropriate move, pragmatic or not. Referential to post-punk’s golden era and deeply crucial to the now, it effortlessly breezes past the cynical attempts at authenticity of would-be flavour-of-the-month contemporaries.’

- Stevie Lennox, The Thin Air, March 2019.